What this blog is about

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A blog was never something that I planned to create when I built this website; for two main reasons: Firstly, blogs in the recent years have earned a reputation of being a place for people to let out their frustrations and anger against the world in (mostly) political and social issues. Secondly, I was never the type of girl to be committed to a diary in my young age. So I never built the habit of using writing as a mean of expression, instead I reverted to arts and crafts; not to mention that diaries back in the 90’s had locks that could easily be removed and put back! ;)

However, over the last few years, the need to have a journal, or say, something legitimate to place my thoughts in had grown. I have been told more than once by visitors of my website that it would be nice for me to have a blog in there somewhere as it seems that it would enhance the user’s experience with my website as well as help him/her know more about me and my work.

It wasn’t the marketing aspect or the self-publicizing role that has convinced me to create a blog, but it was rather the ability to have an informal place to show random sketches unrelated to specific projects, express my thoughts and opinions about concerning issues around me, things that I can write once and share over and over again since not every day I get the chance to sit in a calm environment and get to writing with a nice flow of ideas. Also, I did discover over the last couple of years that this method of communication has proven itself to be more compatible with me than the verbal one since it gives me the option to carve the words I have to say without being interrupted or distracted, which tends to break my chain of thoughts in a second.

And so this is it. That’s what my blog will all be about: thoughts, sketches and some work processes… for now.